Wardrobe Detox


wardrobe-detoxA wardrobe detox begins with a personal consultation where your lifestyle, needs and image are discussed.Then working through your wardrobe your stylist will identify what works for you and what doesn’t giving you tips on how to dress for your body shape, size and style.


By introducing new ways to wear the clothes in your wardrobe your stylist will show you how to be creative with your look and will then identify gaps in your wardrobe, recommending items to enhance what you have and advising on where to buy the missing pieces. 


You will be left with a streamlined, de-cluttered wardrobe where everything works for your lifestyle, body shape and image.


Altering old clothes can modernise them instantly; if your stylist identifies clothes for alteration our JustStyle.me alteration service can have your clothes returned to you within 10 days.



Price:  £195  (3 to 4 hrs) 

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